Beggar Marketing

After maintaining this blog for four days, I am saddened to discover that my average daily readership has decreased substantially, causing the graph that provides to me to undergo an ugly change in direction. In order to combat this upsetting development, I’ve opted to branch out into another medium and present this next entry in video form. Though such presentations will likely not be the norm here at OMG A BAT, they may become a regular feature if this initial endeavor is successful. Without further ado, my thoughts on Beggar Marketing:

Note my failure to pronounce ‘specifically’!

-Gothicus Maximus


3 Responses to “Beggar Marketing”

  1. hahaha…it seems we are back at square one…namely, my stalking you electronically.

    I kid.

    Sort of.

    But I like this. It’s a better lay-out than dead-journal. And your ennui is palpable. Keep up the good work!

    -me (em)

  2. gothicusmaximus Says:

    Ennui? What? I don’t know what you mean, this is a high-octane, action packed blog. You won’t find any tedium here.

  3. Ophie the Trophy Says:

    “By the time I reach him, I hate him.”

    That’s funny.

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