Gothic: When the Failure of Others to Know as much as I Know about Stupid Things with which Very Few People Besides Myself are Concerned Drives Me to Drastic Action

I had no intention of once again recording my blathering so shortly after I last did so, but I unexpectedly found myself powerfully inspired, as the following video reveals. Though I operate under the premise that OMG A BAT’S readership is comprised primarily of well-informed, intelligent people, and therefore doubt this dissertation will have much educational value, the sheer inanity of the statements and notions to which I respond therein should entertain. 

To offer a bonus of sorts to those with the tolerance to actually read my turgid ramblings rather than simply watch me orate them, I present some choice excerpts from the thousand-odd comments elicited by the multimedia parade of blood-drenched albino chicks known as “Gothic”, many of which sadly go unmentioned in the video for want of time:

“I think that Gothic has something do do with France” 

 “why does gothic always  have to include some kind of vampire? its getting repeditive”

“my gf is goth, nothing liek a fuckin prep.

n.p- hey were ya been?

prep- my friends house.

n.p- you fuck him?

prep- duh.

n.p- why?

prep- cause he’s black.”

Apparently, goths rule for resisting the impulse to engage in sexual intercourse with every member of a given race they should happen to encounter.


“Not future, a back history, some have a future…. Understood in that way, that many Goths has a back history, were we have, or been expiriensed something terrible or chocked, that makes the Goths them they are, with, as I, have hate as there primary feeling.. That makes the Goths a very mystical and great sub- culture and lifestyle…”

That I actually understand what he means to say worries me horribly. 


“goth isnt a choose it chooses the person”

“goth isn’t a choose. That’s because there’s no such thing as a choose.”

“I meant choise.”

“being goth is the best fucking lifestyle there is!! hells yeah!” 

“Gothic is a celebration of the darkness and beauty of the night its an orchestrated, powerful place of wonder and beauty.”

“Why do you gothics wanne be different and why the fck do you like blood…

why dont you are yourself,? you choose a available style instead of being yourself.

I think ppl become gothic when the are depressive and sad.

You ppl just want to stand out and attraction”

“whatever u say shakespear”

I wish I had the balls to choose an unavailable style, but I just want attraction. 

“Besides I’d like to see how many “Gothics” can speak the original Goth language.”


I apologize for any decline in intelligence or dramatic increase in blood pressure that anyone should experience as a result of exposure to visual and auditory stimuli discussed in this post.  

– Gothicus Maximus




One Response to “Gothic: When the Failure of Others to Know as much as I Know about Stupid Things with which Very Few People Besides Myself are Concerned Drives Me to Drastic Action”

  1. >.< Okay. I’m only at 2:25 and already laughing a good deal. I recall what I found searching the keyword “goth,” and it was also a bit amusing (although a little strange) and that was Goth Lyfe — — not the best YouTUBE has to offer, but it’s something. (I still wonder where my invisibility effect is.)

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