OMG A BATman: Part II

I intended to post a comprehensive review of The Dark Knight upon returning from seeing the film as I just have, but unfortunately I find this task impossible. I cannot at present view this movie as anything less than a quintessence of raw cinematic majesty, its masterfully engineered components so seamlessly integrated that I cannot scrutinize them separately. Though I’m sure that eventually I’ll be able to pierce the proverbial veil and perceive The Dark Knight’s inner mechanism, for the time being that feat is beyond me. I am able, however, to share with OMG A BAT’s readers the opinion that this movie is fucking supremely awesome- if it were 80 years long and maintained the length to awesomeness ratio it presently demonstrates, I could most probably spend the rest of my life watching it and die with very little regret. Previously I was as unconcerned with Heath Ledger’s death as I am with those the thousand people who passed from this world in the short period during which I wrote this blog post,  but, in seeing his final film, I’m powerless but to be immensely grieved by the knowledge that no one will likely be able to do what he did in this movie as well as he did what he did in this movie. Gary Oldman’s likewise impressive performance has redeemed him completely for the abomination discussed previously in the annals of OMG A BAT, which I will not name so to avoid indirectly associating it with, and thereby savagely insulting, the subject of this post. 

Ultimately, while I’m certain that The Dark Knight possesses some flaws of which I could make fun in order to render this tirade more interesting, I won’t detect them until subsequent viewings allow me to more completely process so overwhelmingly tremendous a picture. I do hope that a sequel will match or equal this achievement, but at once I suspect that it will mark the apex of Batman’s career as a pop culture icon for some time. It kicks ass. 

On a related note, the tantalizing trailer for the screen adaptation of Alan Moore’s Watchmen features a song originally composed by The Smashing Pumpkins for Batman & Robin, the stain on comic book movie history perhaps best remembered for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze. I love those Smashing Pumpkins, they’re so wacky. 

-Gothicus Maximus 


One Response to “OMG A BATman: Part II”

  1. My only complaint with regards to that Watchman trailer is how lame Rorschach looked; a more convincing, constantly animating mask whose ink blots ebb and flow in constant flux, is in order.

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