I Exalt a Record Store

My impromptu visit to the Keystone State at its end, I arrive once more on my parents’ couch. Video documentation of the foresaid visit, which I suspect will be of no interest whatsoever to anyone outside of an extremely small group, will most probably be displayed here following its review by certain concerned parties, but in the meantime I’ll fulfill my obligation to mention Digital Ferret Compact Disks, whose storefront I visited while away. The enterprise of which I speak is a music retailer whose merchandise is exclusively goth or goth related, staffed by active members of the subculture who also organize a weekly club night each wednesday. That such a venture can sustain itself in this age of iTunes, when even those independently owned record stores far broader in their focus often flounder, is to me so genuinely miraculous as to bring an obsidian tear to my gothic eye. A store such as this is to goth kids what the Holy Grail might be to people who believe that the earth has existed for only 6,000 years, a shining beacon of hope for both goths disillusioned by the advent My Chemical Commercial Counterculture and record store enthusiasts disillusioned by the rise of the MP3. These folks, so dedicated as to painstakingly type out blurbs that synopsize Bauhaus for the benefit of the uninitiated, maintain and online catalog here and a MySpace page here. Go, but bear in mind that any support for Nightwish DVDs, Tim Burton claymation, or Combichrist demonstrated by those endorsed by OMG A BAT does not reflect the views of OMG A BAT.  

I kick ass at issuing praise almost as much as I kick ass at meting out ridicule, people should pay me to do this.  

– Gothicus Maximus


One Response to “I Exalt a Record Store”

  1. Ophie the Trophy Says:

    That was pretty cool of you.

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