Improving Movies Through Limited Sensory Deprivation

I’m presently in the process of developing a bold and potentially controversial hypothesis, this hypothesis essentially the idea that certain films can actually be made more enjoyable if either their audial or visual component is eliminated. Already, I have summarily concluded that 1976’s The Omen is substantially more frightening if viewed while one is blindfolded– possibly because the kid portraying the Antichrist is, despite the best efforts of the filmmakers to negate this fact, simply too cute to be accepted as a threat– and that 2005’s screen adaptation of the stage musical Rent is utterly transformed from the mediocre drama that it is to the exceptional comedy it was meant to be when played on a muted television. Moreover, I expect that M. Night Shyamalan’s recent thriller The Happening is hilarious to those made blind, but have no means by which to confirm this until I’m able to view the film without paying money to do so.

I hereby conscript you, readers, into my research squadron. You are urged to experiment independently and report your findings.  

-Gothicus Maximus


3 Responses to “Improving Movies Through Limited Sensory Deprivation”

  1. I’m thinking of seeing an Adam Sandler movie with the TV off.

  2. I’ve actually thought about doing this to some movies — the blindfold, that is. The reverse–mute–I only do when I want to make an action movie extremely humorous by removing the context of explosions and gunfire.

    In fact, I and a couple of my friends had a discussion about movies and sound (in my case mentioning foley) and how important it is to immersing the audience and creating context. To which I mentioned an essay that I wrote about the presentation of the Borg in Star Trek: The Next Generation about how the use of chorus music enhanced the first-impression of fear and awe more so than the — however technically interesting — model of the Borg Cube appearing on screen.

    Nothing quite like having a chorus of people singing near hallelujahs while presenting an object that the cinematographers wanted us wide-eyed and stunned at first witness.

  3. truthwalker Says:

    Hellraiser is hilarious muted.

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