Pennsylvania Footage

After suffering through an extensive editing process, I have uploaded to YouTube video footage recorded during my recent visit to Pennsylvania. I recognize that much of this content will leave a considerable portion of my readership nonplussed for lack of experience with the message boards, but hope that even those among this blissfully ignorant number will be moderately amused by my failure to eat rice.  

Part 1: 

Part 2: 

Our party explores Digital Ferret Compact Disks, of which I wrote in a prior entry:

This gentleman, whose name I recall is Jeff, expressed interest in becoming a Gothic Youtube Star, and I have attempted to fulfill that desire insofar as I am able to do so: 


I’ll put forth an effort to publish a second post today, so to ensure that you on whom this is all largely lost will not feel cheated. OMG A BAT loves all of its children.

– Gothicus Maximus


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