I would gladly trade my copy of Halo 3 to own Imagic’s Dracula for Intellivision

Those bold souls who actually read this blog on a consistent basis might recall that, as an addendum to the post I authored in anticipation of Castlevania Judgment, I conceptualized a video game in playing which one assumes the role of Count Dracula as he roams the streets of Victorian London and preys upon the denizens thereof. As a result of my ignorance in regard to video game history, I neglected to note that this concept is not utterly unprecedented. In 1983, the now-defunct peddler of electronic entertainment Imagic released Dracula for the Intellivision console, a game whose player controls the eponymous vampire as he goes about his nightly feeding. Behold:

Whoever directed the Photoshoot for this cover clearly didn’t waste resources on models, he seems to have just grabbed a middle schooler off the street on Halloween. 

Dracula’s gameplay demonstrates a simplicity characteristic of yesteryear’s video games. The count moves along a linear path, encountering as he does so joggers whom he must bite in order to satiate his bloodlust and policemen whom he must avoid by means of transforming into a bat, for they apparently possess the ability to end the preternaturally mighty warlord’s reign of terror with their nightsticks. After a period of near total freedom to wreak mayhem, the sun begins to rise, and Dracula must race the dawn, represented as a white wolf in a manner I daresay honors the expressionist tradition of F.W. Murnau’s Nosferatu, to the safety of his coffin.

A few screen captures:

A palpable terror radiates from the Count’s prospective victim here. 


Is this the Dracula/White Fang crossover about which I’ve had wet dreams? Or perhaps a precognition of White-Wolf game studio, who years later would produce Vampire: The Masquerade?


Birds will apparently swoop from the sky and attempt to eat Dracula while he’s in bat form. So much for command of nature’s meaner beasts.

This game, along with an Intellivision console on which to play it, officially occupies a position on the OMG A BAT holiday wishlist. Even should my readers unanimously choose to be lousy friends and not devote considerable time and monetary resources to procuring video game machines that haven’t been carried by retailers since the late 80’s in order to entertain me for an hour and a half, I am resolved to eventually play Dracula, regardless of whatever expense might be required to do so, for I have no sense of financial responsibility. 

-Gothicus Maximus


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