Remember what I said yesterday about financial responsibility?

Roughly 24 hours and 15 dollars later, I am officially the owner of I figure this is excusable as I don’t smoke, and am therefore entitled to spend money more liberally than those who maintain such an expensive habit. Nevertheless, I am not totally at ease, for somehow when I type into google, the search engine incorrectly informs me that no such domain exists, which complication is interfering in my ability to fully enjoy this purchase. I would greatly appreciate any insight into the source of and possible solutions to this vexing problem.

-Gothicus Maximus

One Response to “Remember what I said yesterday about financial responsibility?”

  1. Nice. Actually, that’s a good investment. On the side of financial responsibility buying into long-term investments that actually cost less than their eventual value is a good move.

    And, as for Google, sign up for the Webmaster tools for, use the meta key to verify, and then let that go to town. It will get added properly to the index a lot quicker.

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