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Posted in Television with tags , , , , , , , , , , on July 29, 2008 by gothicusmaximus

In the process of haunting websites devoted to discussion of The X-Files in order to assess the extent which fans of the show share my austerely negative opinion of the franchise’s recent feature film installment, I came across, an online game of a nature made obvious by its name. Initially, my exceptional performance in this contest excited me, and I was pleased to observe my gradual ascent of the leader board, but this contentment was swiftly stifled by the realization that my aptitude for X-Files trivia games was not a source from which I should derive pride so much as it was a tragedy. That I was more knowledgeable of inconsequential minutae relating to the X-Files than the majority of others did not indicate that I was in any way superior to those others, but rather that I had most probably devoted a greater portion of my years on earth to watching a particular television show than they had, and that therefore I had likely lead a life most would consider to be less fulfilling than theirs. Trivia games are a genuinely sad occupation, and we who are proficient at them are a piteous lot. 

– Gothicus Maximus